New Asset Investments Firm

A Coca Cola© Company

We are a new European branch of the Coca Cola© Company headquartered in 121 Baker St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30131. U.S.A. We are a full decentralized structure where we manage different assets for investments in Foreign Properties, Gold, Diamonds, Pictorial Arts, International shows and events, digital goods and startup missions made by young genious minds. We buy and sell everything's involved in high quality brand. We invest in the stock market also, but we are full independent and pro-active. Get it touch with us, we are the real biggest idea incubator of he Group. Technologies Area of the Zone available to the dedicated url address -


We buy and sell in Gold, Diamonds, High Pictorial Arts. Everything with its own value from 1 million USD over, take care of our consideration. We operate in the Real Estate Zone by our Agents and Partners.


We are the EU Central Ideas Incubator of the Group. Young people after university degree meet each other here to project, plan and invent our future projected into Web 3.0. IOT, Virtualization, Algorithms calculation. And more. We really stand up and rise.


We operate in the stock market and exchanging places. Real custom or digital money strong assets in the Company. We are innovators. No limits behind our lines. Our commercial platform powered by our true spirit for freedom in friendship force.